On first weekend of 2019 I decided to go and check out 103rd Pennsylvania Farm Show at Harrisburg PA – they had some fancy chickens there – click on “Read More” to discover fancy poultry and to get an idea of what to expect at a farm show, may you decide ever to visit one.


I guess you can say it is first time I went to farm show with idea of making a photo story. I did not fare as well as I hoped to. I was under impression that on a farm show website I could later find detailed information about most of vendors or animals. That was not the case at all – I was able to research some facts on lamb showmanship, but even then I had to use help of mighty “Dr. Google”. Hence, this is rather a shallow photo story – I only can hope to be more proactive next time I visit similar event.

1. If you believe people behind the show, this one is the largest indoor agricultural expo in USA. The show goes for 7 days, and while I visited only for one day, it did look impressive. I have arrived at Harrisonburg on the first day of the show a bit after 12:00 p.m., and I had to stay in a traffic jam for nearly 40 minutes to get parked roughly a mile from the expo for 15$

2. There was a possibility of taking shuttle bus to the expo location, but, predictably, I simply walked – PA state police did a good job of directing human and car traffic around the area.

3. No farm show can probably exist without some sort of tractor’s vendors.

4. A pretty well made educationary board – I just wish there were more of those..

5. I might be wrong, but I think a food court is must on any type of the expo. I did not think much of variety items on those kiosks, but they were popular indeed – most of them had a long line of people.

6. The show had lots of rabbits, but due to the fact that their cages were only open from one side it was mighty hard to get a good picture.

7. For kids wanting to pet a rabbit, there was a special petting station of sorts.

8. Few alpacas presented at the show were also somewhat accessible to the visitors.

9. There was a large breezy but yet dusty room with a lot of cows.

10. Some of the cows presented were meat and milk ones.

11. At the same time some of the cows were seemingly groomed for some sort of a contest.

12. Also, there were rather large cows, and I can only speculate that they were maybe pregnant and ready to give birth, because I found the place where one could perhaps be presented with a live view of birth of a calf.

13. I also did spot a calf – not sure though how long ago it was born.

14. What impressed me most were poultry sections – I have never seen so many different types of chickens.

15. Some of those were just your normal chicken you see as you visit most of farms in PA.

16. Others were uniquely colorful.

17. Finally, there were purely fashion models of poultry out there – fascinating!

18. Interestingly, not just animals but various vegetables were presented as part of some sort of contest.

19. From my artistically inclined prospective I could understand the reason behind something like this.

20. However, I failed to grasp the idea of a reason for the contest here.

21. Speaking of art, someone had a pretty unique idea of celebration of farming mood.

22. Sculptures made of a pure butter was a spectacular sight – I wonder how they were created to begin with…

23. A board and a chalk is one of the oldest yet very powerful methods to exchange of ideas – I could only wish there were more of those around the show.

24. No matter what you sell, as long as you follow theme of an expo, you will have a good business going here.

25. There were some more practical products with relation to farming business.

26. I am not sure how these guys fit the farm show, but perhaps due to their uniqueness, they did enjoy some attention from the visitors.

27. Amidst all the busyness of the show, someone is enjoying the moment of fame.

28. While the vendors and animal exhibitions were mostly static, there were more varied activities, on per day basis as I suspect – here we can see some culinary contest, which actually had fair amount of watchers.

29. While trying to figure out how to get to the horses area – the task I have failed to accomplished, ironically, I came upon minority of the show – piggies, probably most relaxed and most ignorant animals I have encountered on the farm show.

30. On that day I have visited the expo, lambs had much bigger purpose than just being there for onlookers. They were prepared to be judged in a show ring, and it takes a lot of work to get those ready. The part with grooming wool on back of the legs – I really don’t know – I can only speculate that this is to show quality of the wool.

31. The lamb clearly does get nervous with this grooming process, so it needs to be secured or else.

32. Lamb showmanship is a serious business. Not only the lamb itself is being judged for quality of bone structure, muscularity, and overall health, a person who is bringing the lamb before a judge is being judged on how well they are able to handle the animal, and I think it takes some experience, because goat can get easily scared in busy environment of a farm show.

33. Seeing how show photographer was being positioned to take a good shot of lamb’s legs, one can suspect that show ring is divided in different subsection allowing judges to look at different part of the animal. In this particular moment, judge is probably is looking at the angle of lamb’s feet trying to determine whether it was properly fed and taken care of during the growth time.

34. One might wonder why to work hard to grow and groom a single lamb just for a farm show. As I understood, there is a fair chance that the winner animal is set over pricey action which can earn original owner up to 5 grand for a single animal, which is the desirable prize.

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  1. Nice story! I had an uneasy feeling seeing all those animals in cages. Probably, I wouldn’t want to go to such an expo. However, it’s good to know that those events exist.

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